Curse of the Curious Mind

Why “Curse of the Curious Mind”?

One person’s curse is another’s blessing. In this case the Curse is also a Blessing. The name came about one evening when my sister and I were watching tv. We occasionally will pause a show to find out the actor’s name or what other show he/she/they had been in. One particular time, we both had the same question. We looked at each other as we both Googled for the answer. When we were satisfied, together we said, “That’s the curse of the curious mind!” And then together we said, “That’s the name of the website.”

My sister already has a website, “Feminine Alchemy”, and knew I was kicking around the idea of my own website. Fairly soon, so no one else could grab the title, Xia bought the dot com for me and I bought the dot net.

Building the site was fun and exciting. Getting it to look the way I wanted it to was work. But, I discovered I love the work of writing these pages. The story of my life. The story of the website. The story of how my short stories and novels came into reality.

So, the curiosity that I and my sister share is a curse. It pauses the tv. It interrupts reading. It calls attention to a crow’s caw. It forces a memory that must be teased out of neural archives. And yes, sometimes–okay, a lot of the time–one or both of us MUST Google it!

I have always been curious. When I was ten-ish I unscrewed our doorknobs to see how they worked. Think about it. Luckily, my father didn’t fuss at me for using one of his tools. Luckily, my mother didn’t fuss at me for wonky doorknobs–I occasionally lost a screw. They fostered my curiosity. When I was sixteen I found a dead snake behind our house. I brought it in and dissected it.

Curiosity writes the Book of Knowledge in your mind. The motto for our house is, “Love, Learning, Laughter”. Curiosity leads to learning. Love and Laughter help you as you traverse the path of Learning.

I bid you curiosity. It is sometimes a Curse and always a Blessing.