I see you’re curious about my poetry. I have a lot of poems that I choose not to load up to this website. The ones I do add span the years from 1954 to the present. When I wrote the ones in the fifties and sixties, I was still a Catholic and believed whole heartedly in their dogma. The early poems reflect this. There’s a lot of God, Heaven/Hell, and Holy shit. They’re pretty hard for me to read now.

In the seventies, I evolved into a Pagan, a person who sees the sacredness in all life. Since all writing percolates through one’s mind, soul, and psyche, my poems changed, too.

Poems are not classified under separate genres (that I am aware of). I’ll try to tell you what the poem seed was. What lit that spark in my brain that says, “You need to write a poem about it.” As with my short stories, I advise you to pick a title that connects with you and go for it. At least with a poem, they’re short, so even if it doesn’t appeal to you, you haven’t lost much time.