Mind, Heart, & Spirit

Here, in Mind, Heart, & Spirit, I intend to have a conversation (albeit one-sided) about my thoughts regarding the title of this page.

Mind may consider musings about the world. Yes, a big topic, but who knows where this may lead? Dreams fall under this category. What triggers a dream? Are dreams just random firings of neurons or are they meaningful? What is mind? Is mind only in the brain or is it throughout the body?

Heart is a tender topic. Why do we say, my heart is broken? Or, my heart is on fire? The ancient Egyptians believed the heart contained the mind. Why is the heart filled with passion?

Spirit involves many different elements. It is the spark, the intention, behind any action. It can also mean the essence of a live or deceased person or animal, etc. This involves the supernatural, so the sky, and beyond, is the limit.

Google says an essay is “a short piece of writing on a particular subject”.

You can call these pieces at this particular site anything you want. Essay. Opinion. Biographical. Suppositions. Wishful Thinking. I don’t care. My idea is to write pieces concerning the Mind, Body, Passions, Spiritual. In other words, Anything and Everything.